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Welcome to Ideal Jacobs (Malaysia) Corporation Bhd Investor Relations

Ideal Jacobs is an investment holding company which principally involved in construction activities and integrated facilities management services.

Following the completion of the Proposed Acquisition and Proposed Disposal in July 2018, Ideal Jacobs and its subsidiaries were no longer involved in manufacturing, fabrication and trading business. Widad Business Group Sdn Bhd emerged as Ideal Jacobs’ new controlling shareholder.

Stock Quotes
Currency MYR
Volume ('00) 47,443
Change +0.030 (+11.538%)
Days Range 0.260 - 0.295
52 Weeks' Range 0.220 - 0.435
Financial Info

Financial Results Ended 30 Sep 2018 (RM'000)

Revenue 65,548
Profit/(loss) before tax: 9,688
Profit/(loss) for the period: 6,725

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